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Consulting Services

CMMR offers a variety of consulting services in addition to its design capabilities.

Permitting, accessibility study, compliance to ADA, architectural code reviews, feasibility study, facility planning management and client representation are clients' support services provided by CMMR.
CMMR assists our clients in preparing the required documentation for city and municipal jurisdiction reviews. We apply and coordinate permit documents with building official to secure necessary approvals.
Accessibility & ADA Compliance
CMMR provides scoping and technical requirements for accessibility to buildings and facilities by individuals with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. These scoping and technical requirements report will be applied during the design, construction, and alteration of buildings and facilities.
Historic Preservation
CMMR historic preservation services aim to revitalize communities and give buildings new meaning for the future. With services ranging from replacing building systems to addressing accessibility and safety issues, we’ve worked with historic structures of all types, facilitating renovation, adaptive reuse, reconstruction and rehabilitation.
Code Assessment
CMMR reviews existing conditions and documentation, if available, for municipality and city code compliances. We issue report to our client that list of the visible deficiencies and make recommendations for potential remediations to comply with applicable codes.
Feasibility Study
CMMR provides feasibility study for client potential development of new, stand along or remodeling projects. CMMR will review client goals, existing site and facility, support on the development of the program, evaluate different options to align with the company set strategies and provide a report to present and gage the different options for our client decision.
Client Representation
CMMR provides consulting services that allow owners/clients to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of projects and/or initiatives. CMMR can represent clients' interests and we can help our clients more effectively, manage their project, saving our client valuable resources, time and costs.
Facility Planning Management
CMMR support clients' facility management development with an on-going planning assessment and reviews of the client company business strategies. Based on our founding and clients goals, CMMR will produce regular reports on the status of the the facility and potential necessary modification or upgrade.